If You Are Ready To:

  • Deepen Your Intimacy With God.
  • Identify and Pursue Your Purpose and Calling
  • Monetize Your Passions and Build An Online Platform
  • Achieve Your Dreams and God-given Visions.
  • Increase Your Impact and Income In Your Business
  • Package Your Message and Make Money Doing What You Love
  • Build A Brand and Business Without Compromising Your Faith
  • Unleash The Royal Within You and Walk In Your True God-Given Identity.
Yes I'm Ready Now!

Happy #Faithaversary aka 1 year Bossiversary

Happy #Faithaversary aka 1 year Bossiversay to me!!! How It Began It was January 2, 2016 and I decided I needed a personal retreat with God. 2015 was an amazing year of ministry, travelling, meeting new people and just a lot of growth and experiences. I wanted to...

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Meet this week’s Empowered Woman – Visionary Phylicia Henry “A few years back I struggled with depression. I was in a relationship that was mentally and emotionally draining. The weight and the pressure became too much and I knew I had to leave. I...

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What Others are Saying About Working with Crystal

Life Coach Crystal Daye made NexxStepp’s next step crystal clear. I left our session feeling empowered, inspired and equipped to step out fearlessly and confidently. I knew I had an accountability partner that would make my journey from a 9 to 5 job to full time entrepreneur as a teen and young adult coach incredible. The session was “non-fluff”, intense and heavily focuses on practical strategies I could run with immediately to make real money. I was not only guided to develop money making ideas but also pointed to tools and resources that I could use to design packages and get going. Clarity I struggled to find for years were discovered in a single session and it did not stop there; there was follow up to check progress. Crystal is an expert in branding and packaging programs in a way that will appeal to your niche powerfully. Where were you all along Crystal? My direction is now clear as day! If you know your purpose but have challenges with executing to turn that potential within into action; then Crystal Daye may be the best coach for you. I had a practical plan and tools to develop that plan within minutes in my email following the session.

Tishauna Mullings 


What Others are Saying About Working with Crystal

I never really desired having a coach, I had nothing against it but I didn’t see the point.  The first lesson I learnt from coaching with Ms. Daye was that God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.  I am still in awe looking at how much my life has changed since I became her client. I came to the table struggling with identity, self-esteem and character flaws. She knew nothing about my hidden issues of self hatred. Through the power of the Holy Spirit in our sessions she revealed a host of limited mindset, and destructive habits that I used to stop my progress. She gives me practical action steps that have changed the course of my life. I am more goal-oriented, purpose driven and productive. I am living my God given dreams! Through our sessions, I have been able to step out in my uniqueness and finally embrace who I am in Christ. I can honestly say this woman has been anointed for this job! Nothing she has done in my life could be revealed without the Holy Spirit. I cannot wait to see what this year has to offer!

Debranette Mattis


What Others are Saying About Working with Crystal

 I have always aspired to write a book, but never had the clue of how to go about it. I tried on several occasion but could never go further than a few sentences to a paragraph, even when I knew what I wanted to say. It was until I met Crystal Daye that it all changed.  As time passed by I asked her to help me with a book I have been writing for years but have gone no where.  Crystal is one of the best coach I know, her patience and temperance is commendable,  considering that I am a procrastinator. Not once has she ever made me feel less of myself, but instead motivates me to do my utmost in areas that I am weakest. Crystal has also taught me how to be a flexible writer. Before meeting her, the only thing worth writing and was quite easy doing were sermons. Now, because of her I have recognized the difference and has made great improvement on the difference. Personally, I would recommend anyone to Crystal for the above mentioned reasons, but above all that she is passionate about writing and helping others to realize their dreams and maximizing their potential through her gifts .

Bishop O’mar Wedderburn


What Others are Saying About Working with Crystal

As a new Christian I searched for answers about who I am in Christ and what is my purpose. I shared my concerns with a friend who told me about how Crystal helped her to come into her purpose. Going into my first appointment with Crystal, I was hoping to find my purpose as well, however, in our first appointment she helped me to come into a better understanding of what forgiveness really is, and a soar that was open for 15 years began to heal from our first meeting. At the end of our third session I was clear about who I am and embrace all the great attributes that God has placed in me. Now I’m in love with the one who loves me so much that he gave me all these unique qualities.  Thanks Crystal, you are truly blessed in this area and I pray God continue to download his knowledge into you so you can continue to help women to love all of who God has made them to be.

Taniesha Thompson